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Twitter Tools For Small Business

We know the pains of running a small business. You are always crunched for time and money.

The Problem

Hire an agency? Forget about it. Much too expensive - and they don't prove ROI. What about getting a seasoned Social Media Manager? Way out of the budget - and a cheap one won't help.

You, or someone in your company, may want to do it yourself - but you need affordable and effective tools to get the job done.

The Solution

We know, we're former small business owners who have worked with dozens of small businesses. In fact, RapidCrowd was developed to solve this type of problem. We've developed a low cost service offerings that out perform all the expensive alternatives. Take a look below on how our product and services are proven to help grow your business with Twitter:

Targeted Followers

Twitter Automation for Startups
(Screenshot source: RapidCrowd - Dashboard: Engagement)

Targeted Followers

One key to RapidCrowd is our targeted following system - that first collects the right people to follow.

Next, we follow these people - and watch them follow back. Then, we make it easy to personally engage with them via tweet and direct message.

Every day you get Twitter users following you back that are the kind of person or company that will be interested in your product or service.

  • Make potential customers aware of your business
  • Outcompete your local competition
  • Reach out personally to potential customers
  • Grow your leads every day

Give us a try for free for 30 days - and we will grow your following with the right people, guaranteed.

Turn Followers Into Customers

Get More Followers
(Screenshot source: RapidCrowd - Dashboard: Engagement)

Turn Followers Into Customers

RapidCrowd doesn't just do the heavy lifting of finding and following targeted users.

Our system also makes it easy to send custom tweets and direct messages (DMs) to potential customers - and track their interest via their website visits. This turns Twitter into a full-fledged sales channel.

It's simple: RapidCrowd finds potential customers, makes it easy to personally engage them, and drives them to your landing pages. Everything you need to turn your Twitter followers into your customers.

Dashboard for Proven ROI

RapidCrowd - Dashboard for ROI Tracking
(Screenshot source: RapidCrowd - Dashboard: Website Visits - Overview)

Dashboard for Proven ROI

The truth is many social media managers and agencies will not provide you with the metrics that prove your return on investment. They may spin stories in meetings, but often lack of the technical ability to show do proper tracking - and provide analytics.

RapidCrowd provides an easy to read yet powerful analytics dashboard that tracks it all: website visits, referrals from Twitter, even what and when your followers are clicking on your website!

We give you the complete funnel - from finding followers - to tracking their contact form submissions. This all happens instantly on your dashboard - and in the form of convenient daily email reports. No more hounding people for an update.

Hands Off Experience

Who To Follow On Twitter
(Screenshot source: RapidCrowd - Dashboard: Scored Users)

Hands Off Experience

As a small business, you are forced to handle so much on your own. Running your own social media can feel like a chore. You end up doing it barely, instead of doing it well.

With RapidCrowd, we handle Twitter for you - with the best tools, technique, and best practices. We provide results at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency or a dedicated manager. Not to mention, you can turn anyone on your team into a Twitter expert instantly.

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