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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the right keywords that relate to your industry - we find new targeted people to follow.

"Targeted" means relating to your geographic area, your industry, people who want to do business with you.

We automatically filter out bots, fake accounts, and inactive users - allowing you to grow your Twitter following with high quality leads.

Download our official guide to learn more.

Learn how to target the best possible users by using the RapidCrowd “upvote” system. See how it works:
In the world of social media, keywords and hashtags are how users and conversations are searched and categorized.

Specific geographic areas and interests use specific keywords and/or hashtags.

Other keywords include Twitter handles of thought leaders or organizations in your targeted industries.

Download our official guide to learn more.

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of keywords, how the RapidCrowd uses Collection Keywords, and why Collection Keywords are the fuel for your RapidCrowd fire:
1. Login to the dashboard at

2. Click on Settings, or go directly to Settings.

3. Click on Activate / Deactivate, then uncheck the Active checkbox.

4. Optional. Users can additionally remove/revoke the API connection from Twitter by following these instructions:

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