Our story, our vision

The Back Story

RapidCrowd began as an experiment in Boston in 2014. Erik Johnson knew the Twitter platform could be improved upon to create more authentic engagement.

As a Research Software Developer, Erik looked for ways to use social media to find people with flu symptoms. He developed a tool designed for Twitter to reach out to various people, and the concept proved possible.

After months of experimenting and testing his platform, Erik used the tool to grow his personal Twitter account to over 10,000 followers in less than two months. The question then became: "Are similar results possible for any set of keywords (such as a hobby, niche, or business)?"

Then, collectively with business partner — and lifelong friend, Jacob Carlson — the two began working closely with various businesses - including startups, small- and medium-sized businesses, and digital agencies. They used the RapidCrowd system to drive thousands of visitors to business’ websites, products and services - while growing Twitter followings by several hundred thousand.

The co-founders cultivated a shared vision: finding a better way to connect like-minded people, and to help users with Twitter to:

  • create valuable connections
  • avoid bots and fake accounts
  • help their businesses grow

Vision In The Making

In today’s world, everyone is strapped for time, and everyone’s attention is constantly shifting.

Everyone wants to meet new people, and share what they’re doing, building, experiencing, and selling, but the process is far too time consuming, and the effort is inconsistent.

Without the proper tools and strategy, the value of Twitter diminishes greatly. Although many people use Twitter to simply get a glimpse of newsworthy events, there is much more value that many are missing out on.

There are plenty of “growth tools” out there that help grow followers and create content, but these tools are nothing but numbers games. The problem is the audience is hollow with bots, fake accounts, and mismatched interests. RapidCrowd aims to be entirely different - helping you retrieve the valuable signal without all the noise.

"RapidCrowd is designed to help users cut through the noise and facilitate real connections."